Having embarked on a captivating journey as a photographer, Hayden Chan has experimented with multiple genres within his sphere and since attained versatility in works ranging from Travel, Lifestyle to Fashion and Street-style. 

A workaholic who carries wanderlust at heart, the 23-year-old enjoys backpacking and chasing worldwide Fashion Weeks on his travels. By staying relevant with the latest scenes in fashion, and with its foreseeable future, he continues to propel his photography works to greater levels. 

With an eye for fashion and an exquisite touch in photography, Hayden was awarded 'Best Photographer' in HerWorld Street Style Awards 2016, which saw his works published in HerWorld Magazine. 

A serial entrepreneur since the age of 16, Hayden also has @theloveco.studio under his belt. This has allowed him to incorporate concepts of branding to his visuals, adding dimension beyond aesthetic pixels. 

Upholding originality and sincerity in his works, Hayden remains true to the calling of producing photos that tell stories, as seen in his many collaborations with brands such as Gucci, The Paper Bunny and more.